You don't pay attention, do you? (ampersandheart) wrote in casualbento,
You don't pay attention, do you?


My very first bento!! Well, I've made up plates of mixed goodies, but never made it look nice. It was actually dinner, but time is relative, right? It took me longer than expected, around 45 minutes, but it was 20 minutes of searching for sprinkles and random food items. I wish I could make lunches during the school year, but I would have to keep so much food in my microfridge, it wouldn't work. I'm going to try making simple stuff though ^__^

So here it is:

Left: Brown rice with a cheddar cheese star.
Right: White bread, vegetarian "bologna," yellow mustard, and a cheddar cheese face.
Top-right: Duck sauce and soy sauce for rice.

Chocolate slug with syrup slime! (A mini Twix bar covered in Smuckers fudge syrup and sprinkles for eyes and mouth.)

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