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Bento #13

Hello Everyone!! The sun is shining brightly here - I hope it's lovely weather for everyone else :)


Top layer: Teriyaki chicken stir-fry with rice and cucumber flowers. Plus mini panda bottle of soy sauce.


Bottom layer: From left to right: mini cake with a frodo the froggy chocolate! Some parma ham wraps, (cream cheese, a stick of pitta bread, an olive, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper wrapped up in parma ham) on top of some mixed leaf. On top of the wraps is a square of pitta bread topped with a spread of hummus and a cucumber flower. To the far right, some mini pitta pockets stuffed with hummus, olives, olive oil, herbs and feta cheese. With a little octopus stick for picking up. For the recipe for chicken teriyaki stirfry - you can visit my journal:HERE  ..... you will find it under the tag, "teriyaki chicken"
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