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Spicy Peanut Chicken & Fruit Salad in new Maneki Neko box

My personal bento blog at cgpbento is going to take a while to catch up, since I got so backlogged with gear finds and lunches to post, and have so far been failing at my goal to post every other day or so.. So, I figured I'd take a break to pop in at the communities with my first lunch packed in one of my new boxes. >^_^<

I bought this Maneki Neko (Japanese lucky cat) box from on ebay, since I stumbled across it and could not resist. -- I used to look for cat bento boxes, but always had a hard time finding any designs I thought looked good. -- Yay new box! >^_^<

In this lunch I have spicy peanut sauce chicken bites, packed with iceberg lettuce for presentation and extra veggies (tough to find iceberg lettuce with enough color, but it's what I've been in the mood for). The lower tier has a pink heart cup of broccoli with a tiger pick, a little fruit salad of frozen blueberries and strawberries mixed with fresh grapes, and a fish cup with butter for the broccoli.

I have a second photo behind the cut, showing the box packed up in my Chococat lunch bag where you can see the adorable Maneki Neko some more. It's packed with a plastic Hostess Cupcake cup full of cherry cordial Hershey kisses, and a fork in a shortened toothbrush holder. >^_^<

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