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Dried bean curd cubes?

Today my husband and I went to a Japanese delicatessen in Amsterdam to get some goodies and -hopefully- a bento as well. But although we didn't succeed in that last part we *did* buy a lot of Japanese snacks, toppings and bite size stuff.

One of the things we bought is a package of Misuzu dried bean curd cubes. It looks a lot like this picture on the KGrocer website but mine have funny faces on them as well ;)

There's one problem... I have no idea how to prepare them! The instructions are in Japanese :( Well, it does say in a table
  • 1 something ~ 150 ml ~ 600w 5 minutes / 500w 6 minutes
  • 2 something ~ 250 ml ~ 600w 6 minutes / 500w 7 minutes

  • So I guess I can rehydrate them in the microwave in a few minutes but that only makes me partly wiser. Does it mean 1 or 2 servings? 1 or 2 cubes (probably not)? And should I use hot water or dashi? DOES ANYBODY KNOW? That would be of great help to me! :)

    PS. Is it OK to post something like this in this journal???
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