Gnoe (gnoegnoe) wrote in casualbento,

Hi everyone!

I have joined this group a short while ago and have mostly been lurking because I have to figure out how this group-thing works ;) I might have some questions about that for you later on. But for now: my bento #5!

Bento 5

The picture isn't too great because I was in a real hurry this morning, but it gives you the idea. What is in it?

  • boiled egg

  • salad of romaine, beans, broccoli, radish

  • cherry tomatoes

  • pesto and balsamic dressing (hiding in little container)

  • roasted hazelnuts

  • little cheese-balls with herbs and olives

  • fresh basil leaves

  • fennel crackers

  • nectarine parts (on the side) mixed with a little lemon juice and honey

  • organic yogurt (on the side)

  • carrot (on the side)

Except for the side dishes and the crackers I threw everything together to make a big, healthy salad. It was great!

Hopefully tomorrow we have time to go to Amsterdam to check out this big Japanese shop... I have only a bento box for myself and of course my husband needs one too!
Tags: vegetarian
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